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It's a happy day for me, anyway, because two years ago on 7/7/07, we bought our house (or, came to mutually agreeable terms, which is the same thing.) The market has dropped in the meantime, but I haven't suffered too much in the way of buyer's remorse, especially considering our great neighbors. Hurray!

4th of July weekend was nice, especially since the cold/flu/whatever that I've been battling for the past week started to recede. It wasn't a particularly bad bug in terms of coughing and congestion, but it made me very tired. My employer gave us the 3rd off, and I spent most of the day relaxing and sleeping.

On the 4th, husband and I went to Sea Bright Beach Club for the day to visit my aunt and uncle and watch fireworks on the beach. Every time we go, we talk about how nice it would be to belong to that club, but 1. we live too far away for it to be reasonable given the NJ shore traffic and 2. the startup costs are expensive and you have to find 5 members to "sponsor" you in once your name comes up on the waiting list. In any event, it was good to see my uncle, who just came through a severe event where he had an embolism in his lung. You'd never know it, though, because he was unchanged besides being a little short of breath. We had a swim in the ocean and played tag with my younger cousins in the pool before the evening's events.

We had intended to go into NYC for lunch on the 5th, but my FIL called up and said he'd like to see us before too long, and husband revised our plans such that we went to Lambertville instead. We'll just have to get cannoli in Little Italy another time. Nothing in Lambertville opens before 11 AM on Sunday, and husband decided we'd get there at 10 AM, so we waited around a lot before lunch. In any case, I bought two Lilly Pulitzer dresses from a consignment shop, and after a trip to the dry-cleaners, they'll be good as new.

Tonight my husband is off to see the Mets as a guest of our next-door neighbor's corporate suite, so I'll probably run some errands and then spend the evening learning to make flying geese units for my next quilt. My life is so exciting. :)
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Some of you might remember the post about Mr. Feets.

Sadly, Mr. Feets met a bad end - something bored into his chrysalis - and we were just devastated.

Today I went out to inspect my flowers, and there on the butterfly weed were THREE BRAND NEW FRIENDS chowing down on the seedpods.

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The bugs have gone too far.

This morning, I went out in my garage, and heard the gentle sound of rain tapping on the window. This is a good thing, as we need some rain. I opened the back door to see the rain fall... and rain wasn't falling.

At the window, behind the blind, was a swarm of winged ants trying to get out.


I was in my bathrobe and slippers at the time, and husband had the nerve to ask why I didn't do anything about the ants. BECAUSE IT WAS DISGUSTING MAYBE? Besides, isn't it the job of the man in the house to take care of the bugs?

Also, Mommy and Daddy Purple Finch have made a nest in one of my hanging baskets among the geraniums. They have at least two eggs. I hope we can all get along, because like it or not, the geranium has to be watered.
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Last year at this time, I didn't give a crap about flowers or gardening or landscaping or anything.

This year, I am agonizing over whether to move the astilbe and phlox into deeper shade and then replace them with swamp milkweed as a host plant for monarchs and also some black-eyed susans.

I am also pleased to introduce you to my new friend.

This is Mr. Feets. Mr. Feets is a swallowtail caterpillar whom I found on my parsley plant when I turned it around to find out why it wasn't growing. Turns out that Mr. Feets here was hungry, and we have adopted him and planted him a whole forest of parsley.

As you can see, he has many cute little feeties, and he was last seen chowing down on parsley leaves.

I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine. :D
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Guys. Guys. You have to read this story.

When I was coming home from work today at about 4:30, I noticed a gaggle of the neighborhood kids standing on the corner, trying to sell lemonade, Kool-Aid, ice cream, whatever. I didn't stop because there was ice cream in the trunk, but later on (maybe 6:30) the doorbell rings. Two of the kids are standing there (sons of the people catty-corner to us) asking for donations to St. Hubert's Animal Shelter. I gave them a dollar and sent them on their way.

Just now, while I was having dinner, I heard them still out on the corner shouting to the passing cars to help the animal shelter. It was the most adorable thing, and they didn't quit. So, I grabbed a twenty, and I walked over to talk to them. I asked them why they were campaigning for the shelter, and then how long they'd been out there.

"Six hours!" one of them pipes, "And we got a lot of money!"

"How much?" says I.


They were clearly thrilled with themselves. So I told them that they had been very dedicated, and that they were doing a very nice thing, and that they should be rewarded for their persistence. I slid the folded twenty into their Dixie cup and waved goodbye. As soon as my back was turned, they must have pulled it right out, because I heard cheering and high-fiving going on behind me.

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Such a lovely weekend. I'm so happy now that spring is here. We have three gorgeous cherry trees in the back yard, and there's something very Japanese about viewing the moon and the cherries at the same time. XD Sadly, the cherry trees in the back are starting to drop their petals in a snowfall every time the wind blows, but the cherry tree out front only just started to bloom. My daffodils came up (mostly) and are looking very cheerful. The package was supposed to contain many varieties, but out of twenty, three didn't bloom and only one is different from the standard yellow kind. That's OK; they are pretty all the same.

It was past time to do something about the state of our yard, so we put out a general call for help this weekend, and husband's parents answered the plea. I don't think I'd be exaggerating too much to call Mom Q a master gardener, so it was great to have her around to tell me what kinds of plants would work well in our back yard and which ones the deer wouldn't immediately destroy. (We have a LOT of deer in our area.)

We took down one tree and several shrubs, and we planted two Leyland cedars, a Japanese holly, and a kind of spirea. The back definitely looks a lot nicer now that the scruffy dying spruce is gone. Mom Q and I looked in vain for a butterfly bush that wasn't white, but it seems that most of the nurseries don't have them in just yet. We'll see what we find at Cook College next weekend when we go to Ag Field Day. Husband was worried that if we planted butterfly bushes too close to the road, the butterflies might get hit by cars, but I reassured him that we'd plant them closer to the house.

Last Friday, husband surprised me with a brand-new Jenn-Air grill, and we christened it on Saturday night with some excellent steaks (yay Costco!) His aunt and uncle came over for the cookout, which was great because we'd been meaning to ask them over for a while. They had helped us paint, and they hadn't seen the house again since we moved in permanently.

Husband left yesterday for South Carolina until Wednesday, so I get to play Single Girl until he returns. Mostly this means having Cocoa Krispies in the morning because he's not there to sniff at my love of kid cereals. He'll be away quite a bit this summer, which isn't very fun. Oh well, more internets time for me at home.


Aug. 25th, 2007 08:57 pm
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I have not had a dishwasher in seven years.

My in-laws have one, and they tend to use it as a drying rack, even during large dinner parties. This is the kind of thing that justifies large-scale massacre.

But we have our own now, and I just ran a load, and it makes me SO HAPPY I MUST CAPSLOCK ABOUT IT.
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Almost ready to go.

Most of the painting is done. We still have a lot of trim to do, if we want to do it at all, but the walls are finished. The new hardwood floor is down in the guest room and the master bedroom, and that's about all the flooring we're going to do, at least right now. I'd love to put in wood floors downstairs, too, but it's expensive and time-consuming.

We shampooed the carpets last night - huge difference. I'm sure a professional cleaning would be even better, but even just a treatment with the rental unit made the carpets look much more sanitary. The water we poured out of the shampooer was absolutely disgusting. Amazing to think it had all come from the carpet.

Much of our stuff has already been moved over. Because the new house is not too far away, we have been loading up my car at night with boxes, and then we unload them into the basement after work. The amount of crap we have managed to accumulate is staggering, and that doesn't include the storage shelter.

Still to-do: disassemble furniture, pack up china, pack clothes.

Two more days until we move.
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Thank you, oven cleaner, for clearing out my sinuses for me.

Less than two weeks to moving day.

The inlaws came up again yesterday to help with painting and with laying down our new floor. BIL brought along his dog, and she was very well-behaved - I had been worried that she would be upset about being leashed outside, but she didn't whine or make a pest out of herself. (Peanut is a big dog with a very waggily tail, and we didn't want her bumping freshly-painted walls, stepping in paint trays, or knocking over paint cans.) We have everything painted now except for the master bathroom and a shitload of trim. Painting trim is a pain in the ass, but I bought an itty bitty baby (itty bitty boat) roller that makes it easier.

Today was more of the same, but I did clean some crud out of the washer and finally cleaned the oven. It's amazing what oven cleaner removes. I didn't bother cleaning it before, because fuck it, it's not my oven, but it looks so much nicer now. I also hauled boxes - we are trying to get as many boxes moved as possible before the big day so that we can concentrate on moving furniture. That's going to be a real trick, because we have a very tight entryway, and most of our stuff will need to be disassembled before it can get down the stairs and out of the house.

We should be getting countertop samples this week, and then we'll get that ordered. It's a good thing that we are going to re-do the sink, the floor, and the counters in the kitchen, because all three are stained beyond repair from the paint. Especially the brick-red we used in the kitchen. Whoof.

Still two loads of laundry to fold tonight, and sandwiches to make for lunch for the week, and the oven door to rinse, and then maybe I will put some more boxes in the car if I haven't fallen on my face.
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To borrow a word from British English, I am knackered.

The Q's came to help us paint the house, and we got two coats on the sitting room, the den, the guest room, and the desk room; two coats of primer and one of paint on the dining room; and one coat in the bedroom up to the top of the cathedral ceiling. The place is feeling more like ours now. It was just the four of us today, but yesterday my husband's cousin came by to help as well.

So far, we have a screaming yellow dining room that will look great with black and white toile curtains, a restful light grey guest room, a sunny yellow for the desk room, light sage green for the bedroom, and a grey-brown for the sitting room. Next on the attack list are the cave paintings (really) in the powder room. The previous owner was very into Native American designs and artifacts, and there are buffalo hunters over the toilet, handprints near the sink, and a perfectly awful wallpaper to complement. We already stripped the Kokopellis out of the kitchen.

The flooring arrives tomorrow, though how much help I'll be in that department is yet to be seen. It's taking all my good sense not to order the new TV. (Priorities, yo.)
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Arafel and husband: We like this house! Let's bid on it.

*make bid*

Sellers: Um, ok. We'll knock 3K off the price JUST FOR YOU.

Us: OK, screw you, you won't play nice.

*repeat showing was cancelled*

*weekend goes by*

Sellers: ...where'd you go? Don't you want to make another offer?

Us: You're not the only game in town, bitches.

Sellers: *fretfretfret*

Heh heh heh. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
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We had a pretty full weekend. Saturday we went to see "Letters from Iwo Jima," which was very good, though we didn't know it was all in Japanese! (Not that this was a problem, except that we were sitting in a row behind a guy with a big head, and we had to move b/c his noggin blocked the subtitles.) It's funny, after watching so much anime, I feel like I should understand Japanese by osmosis or something.

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