Oct. 27th, 2006 09:26 am
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Rabid anime fans, it's time to sit down and have a couple beers, and maybe relax a bit.

There have been three Bleach-related rants recently on the "Rant of the Week" section at Anime News Network. One of them was pro-dub. One of them was anti-dub. This week, there's some complaining about translating or not-translating honorifics, specific words to the anime, etc.

[livejournal.com profile] jaina and I were remarking that some terms in Bleach get English translations but not others (i.e. "zanpakuto" and "konpaku" are used as is, but "reiatsu" turns into "spirit force" and "shinigami" into "soul reaper.") The author of the rant is complaining that if all the Japanese terms aren't translated into English, then the meaning of the terms might be lost. And yet, I can bet you that next week, there's going to be another rant about how the dub isn't OMG PURE if you don't use the Japanese words, because the English translations are an approximation of the Japanese terms, anyway.

Well, guys, anyone who's done any translation at all understands that there's always a good bit of guesswork involved, and a balance between preserving the original meaning and getting the meaning across in the context of the new language. Let's take the ranter's complaint about "taicho" and "fukutaicho."

I don't know whether "taicho" is a rank in the Japanese military (the closest I found was Tai-sho, "general") or whether it's a political honorific. Taking the literal translation given in the rant of "division commander," then the proper rank translation is "major general," because major generals command divisions. The next rank below major general (properly) is brigadier general, and then colonel. So, should we start calling Byakuya-taicho Major General Byakuya instead? Colonel Abarai?

Let's consider the army definition of "division" - approximately fifteen thousand soldiers. That's a lot of people. So, should we translate ranks based on how many shinigami each captain commands? Is Byakuya's command more like an army captain's, so the meaning of his title is correct, and then Renji would be First Lieutenant Abarai? (Actually, I like First Lieutenant better than Vice-Captain.) But, captains only command 100 - 130 people.

And this is all just two words.

So. Which would you rather have, correct words or correct meaning? What is "correct," anyway? My feeling is that if you don't speak the language, you're not getting the full meaning anyway, and most decent translators are doing their best to take a nuanced language and make it understandable. But, the Japanese words do give the anime a little "flavor," since, after all, Our Heroes are speaking Japanese (as opposed to Trigun, where they're supposed to be speaking English.) So, everyone settle down, and enjoy the show.

Especially Urahara's English pothead voice. That makes me giggle all the time.
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I have a nice new fashion accessory for the next 24 hours - a Holter monitor. After my father's scare in January and my mother's heart arrhythmias, I figured that getting a baseline wouldn't hurt. The nurse scrubbed the electrode attachment points with what felt like Brillo, so my neck is a world of ouch. :P

All three of my spanky new Love Drop doujinshi arrived within the last 24 hours. OMG pretty. But, I have to say that "Grey Rain" is kinda boring, maybe not so much if you can read it, but I can't read it.

Oh, and House last night? Let the shipper wars begin, because... yeah. The Odd Couple, anyone? Speaking of which, I'm going to "Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital" aka Frist Campus Center + Princeton U. Infirmary + Molecular Bio Building today for my friend's FPO.

Okay, so silly anime ranty stuff.

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Finally worked my way to the last ep of Speed Grapher.

cut for spoilers )
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Geez oh man, after watching all that Bleach, I think I'm gonna run around in cosplay and shout "BAN KAI" at my unsuspecting husband!

*cough* Right.

So far we have had a three episode-long peeing contest, but we'll get to that later. First:

Ichimaru Gin, you are one evil fuck. You are sick and twisted and dreadful and just so reminiscent of Dr. Romano from ER. You are horrible and scary and strange and I love you so much that way and don't ever change. especially that nasty "bye bye" thing you do so very well.

And now, the last three eps, in metaphorical summary:

Who can pee the farthest? )
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I have seen some creepy-ass shit in my life, but that doctor-dentist thing is going to give me nightmares, I swear. O.o Especially after last week's trip to the dentist.

But, you have to love a series whose theme song is "Girls on Film."
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Naruto premieres at 9 PM, heralding a Brave New World.

All together now!

I'm a ninja, it's your birthday, I'm a ninja, it's your birthday...

Quiet, I'm trying to concentrate!

Dude, we're ninjas! We graduated from Ninja Tech!

(just throw the cake up here please)
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I saw an advertisement for Naruto on CN, which is premiering the second weekend in September.

Brace yourselves, anime fans.


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