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So the good news is that after all that, we are indeed going to Maine; we're just not going to the same cottage that we usually go to. Husband got on the phone and within 48 hours had secured a week at Stonehill Cottage, which is about three miles from the Admiral's compound, as the crow flies. It's not the same lake, but it's the same area, and we'll most probably stop by to see the Admiral. My parents said that his voice sounds stronger, and I'm hoping that perhaps a swim in Alamoosook will be part of our visit. :)

The cottage looks very cute, and although I'm sorry that we're not in the same place and my parents won't be joining us, there are a lot of positive aspects to the new place. It's very pretty (I LOVE the decorating in the great room) and it will get a lot of afternoon sun. Definitely much more modernized than the Admiral's cottage, though the rusticity is part of the charm. We're renting a canoe for the week, and the weather looks like it will be good for about half the time, so we expect a lot of waterfront activity.

Aside from the decorating, we feel a lot freer about this week. Because my folks are very close to the Admiral and his family, we usually ended up spending a lot of time with them, and my dad was prone to inviting everyone to dinner and then asking me (or my mother) to cook for everyone. This is not always the most fun thing to do on your vacation, and sometimes it felt more like babysitting. I can understand this, because the Admiral did need a break now and then from caring for his wife, and he didn't have a lot of company. This year, while we do want to see the Rodgers, we're not responsible for entertaining them, and if we do happen to have a dinner party (which I doubt) it'll be at my own discretion and not because I was roped into it.

It's too bad that Stonehill doesn't allow pets, because we wanted to bring Biscuit with us, but the neighbor's children are going to look after her. Definitely less expensive than boarding her, and she'll be happier to be staying in her own place than in some little cage. We bought Biscuit a kitty drinking fountain to be sure that she'd have good water, as she hasn't quite mastered drinking out of the toilet like a proper cat.

We leave on Sunday, and we'll get back the following Sunday. Rather strange to have an entire free day to pack, but it does make things easier. We bought some rafts last night, and we're good to go. Can't wait!

Anyone want some Moxie? :)
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Just back from our weeklong yearly vacation to Maine.

The good news is that we had a nice time in the sunshine and we bought some art for the new house and I survived Potterdammerung completely unspoiled because Internet is but a legend in the part of Maine we visit.

The bad news is that it rained for five days out of nine and my little pansies were all dead when I got home because obviously it did not rain enough here to help them. Or not often enough, I understand that there were terrible storms and flooding mid-week.

Finished HP:TDH about 6 PM yesterday. My husband and my father went straight to the back of the book, and I had to issue a serious warning: "If you so much as insinuate anything, I will be very upset with you." Husband also had to talk incessantly about how fast I was reading, and how amazing it was that I can speed read, and eventually I had to tell him to stuff it. JKR is not the hardest author to read and she uses a big font; I'm having a much harder time with Evangeline Walton.

In less than ten days, if all goes well, we will close on the house. Ohshitohshitohshit. woo.
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Back from Maine!


Not in Maine
Have to go to work
Cannot spend day floating on raft while snoozing in the sun


Have Internets again

No, I am not done with HBP yet, but almost.

As an aside: It boggles me muchly that even in sleepy little Bucksport, the local bookshop was having a midnight party. Andy (who looks like he should be working in a bank) was not thrilled about having a midnight party, but he was going to do it anyway. Someone on the phone asked him who he was going to the party as (presumably) and he replied, "I'm going as ANDY."

Off to get some groceries.
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Stillness. The loons are calling over the lake. The water is as smooth as glass, and mist rises from it in the cold air of morning. The sun has just broken over the mountain, and sparkles of deep gold dance over the water. It is beautiful and heartbreaking at once. The cars lie covered in dew, and the shadows of bags and packages in the seat are a mute testament to the nature of the day. As they have done so many days before, feet thump over the carpet of pine needles and twisted roots down to the lakeshore, out onto the creaky gangplank, to the dock. Hands reach for the crystal water, and the morning still is shattered by fingers reaching out for one last touch. Salt water joins fresh, but only the fish will notice.

The still, gentle morning heralds a new day, but for some the day has ended; it is time to go home. The cottage is empty, the cupboards bare, the soft beds stripped and tucked down for the next person. The escape is over, and reality breaks as coldly as the breath of fading night on bare arms in short sleeves.

Engines roar to life, the inexorable pull of tires up a dirt road, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Next year is a faint and uncertain promise. The greatest wish of a heart, oh please, turn back! just one more day, is quelled by the necessity of responsibility and the knowledge that everything ends, everything is fleeting, enjoy what you have while you can.

No comfort, and bitter tears flow as the car turns its way south.
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Hello all, I'm back. Did you miss me? *crickets*

Didn't think so. :)

For the record, here's my trip, so I can remember it later.

7/14: Drove up, 8.5 hour trip. Slept most of the afternoon, missed church. Not a regret, there. Church in Maine is a torture test.

7/15: Watched F1 race with Steve. Mika Hakkinen finally won a race, good for him. Went to Camden to board schooner. Pottered around town, bought a sun-hat. Schooner wasn't my idea of fun, no running water for 3 days. Halfway home when Steve got so sad that I had to turn around and bite the bullet. Slept on the boat.

7/16 Moped in my cabin, tried not to think about dirty hair. Cabin was large enough for 1 person to stand up. Shelf bed. Ventured out later, saw the islands. Moored in Bucks' Harbor.

7/16 Went into town, bought some sparklers (illegal fireworks for NJ!!) and little soaps that smelled nice because baths were all I could think about. More sailing. Misty weather. Steve sailed the boat. Moored in Dark Harbor.

7/18 Went home. Loooonng bath when I reached the cottage. Sat in the sun.

7/19 Lake day! Swimming and kayaking. Saw a mother loon and a baby; Daddy-loon checked me out. He was within 6 feet of my boat; amazing! They are shy animals. Eagle soared overhead and loons started getting upset. I would have chased it off if it had attacked the baby, national emblem or not.

Many visits from one of the resident cats. Sammy, or "Monster Paws," is a friendly, large, black, polydactyl cat who Just Wants To Be Loved. (polydactyl means that he has extra toes; three on one paw and two on the other.)
7/20 Lake time. Went to Bar Harbor that night to have dinner; lovely venue out on the lawn to watch the boats and the sunset. Shopping time after dinner! Came home with a big haul of shoes and goodies. Forgot to make my wish in the fountain in Bar Harbor...

7/21 More lake. Sam missing. Worried. Shows up at night, crying at the door; he was sick. Brought him up to the Admiral's house.

7/22 Church in the morning; Sam went to the hospital. Had a urinary tract blockage. Hot weather, outdoor time; FF8 to get out of the sun.

7/23 More outdoor time!

7/24 Annual "Lobster Bash." Made bolognese sauce for 8, chopped onions and carrots and garlic all afternoon for us landlubbers. Can't eat shellfish myself because I am allergic. Sauce was a great success.

7/25 Lake time, then off to Acadia Nat'l Park with Mom and Dad. Visited Southwest Harbor and looked at boats. Went to Bar Harbor for dinner, bought MORE shoes. Watched the sunset from Cadillac Mountain. Heartbreakingly lovely.

7/26 Got colder. Must not have been an interesting day because I can't remember what we did.

7/27 Cool again. Went to the Bucksport Festival that night to watch a circus music concert. It was ok.

7/28 Warmer. Went swimming again. Went to festival again that night to see the Shangri-La's and the Platters. Better concert. Had fried dough for the first time - yummy! Sam came home after an operation to remove all of his manliness, because he'd had blockages before. Poor cat, lost his berries and now his twig. Spent time petting Sam(antha); he was bery lonely. He had to be quarantined so the other cats wouldn't attack him or hurt his stitches.

7/29 Packed to go home. Sad. Played outdoors.

7/30 Went home. Still sad. Hope we will be back to Maine.

That's the short version. More, and you'd all go to sleep. :)

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled FF nonsense.


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