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I went to my appointment early yesterday because husband REALLY REALLY wanted to go see Indiana Jones last night, and he was trying very hard not to put a sadface on it. No big deal, we all left work before quittin' time yesterday anyway.

The range is located in Lambertville, about fifty yards from a fencing school, so you have all your bases covered if you feel like getting medieval in your weaponry. The owner of the school was a nice fellow, and he gave me a couple arrows to shoot (all mine are long since gone) and took a look at my form. Not surprisingly, he told me I'd better start all over, which I don't 100% agree with, but 16 years is indeed a long time and it's probably for the best. He also wasn't too keen on my bow, but after all, he's running a business and probably wants to sell me a new one. Once I told him that buying a new bow at this time was a deal-breaker, he relented and said that he could probably fix mine up for the time being. There's no way I could get re-equipped properly for less than about $1000.

It was fun, though - once I said to him that if I were to buy a new bow I'd get a recurve because they were much more beautiful and graceful than a compound, all of a sudden he warmed up to me. Of course, that could have been because I'd just handed over my credit card for lessons, but hey. We'll see what happens. Classes start in a couple weeks, and if it doesn't get onerous to schlep down to Lambertville for lessons, then maybe I'll consider whether or not to buy new equipment. If my old stabilizers can be fitted to the new bow, so much the better - those suckers don't come cheap.


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