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2020-01-01 02:15 pm

The Friending Sticky

Greetings, passers-by -

Welcome to my journal. It's a quiet place, but I like it. Most of the interesting stuff is friends-only, but the anime babble is here for your amusement.

I have a very open friendback policy, but it would very much help me to know why you find me interesting enough to add if I don't already know you. If you tend to babble in l33t-speak, or you appear to be adding me to fill up your friendslist, I may not add you back.

On the other hand, I welcome intelligent, friendly, and nerdy people, so if you think you're one of them, welcome! :)

NOTE: My username "Arafel" is a reference to C. J. Cherryh's The Dreaming Tree. I am neither Russian nor Jewish, and I do not speak Russian. If your journal is not in English, I will not friend you.
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2014-01-04 10:19 pm
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2013-12-14 01:02 pm
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Ninja cat

Biscuit loves to hide under the Christmas tree. This provides her endless entertainment.

Biscuit: Foot ninja!

Me: Stop it.

Biscuit: Foot ninja!

Me: STOP it.

Biscuit: Foot ninja!


Biscuit: Foot ninja!

Me: STOP IT, you wretched beast!

Biscuit: I love Christmas.

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2013-11-19 08:16 pm
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Dear fanartists everywhere:

When you are creating sexy shirtless beefcake art, it's okay to leave out armpit hair. Really it is.

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2013-11-08 03:10 pm
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Bad cat

Yesterday morning, my husband gave me a treat. A visitor from Oregon had brought a box of chocolates to his workplace as a gift, and he brought one home for me to try. I was going to eat it before I left, but then JP had an accident that required a full clothing change, and I left it out on the counter.

When I came home yesterday afternoon, I thought perhaps I'd have the treat, since I didn't get to eat it in the morning. When I looked around for it, I found a wrapper, but nothing else. Annoyed, I turned to my husband.

"Did you eat the treat you left me?" I asked, nettled.

He gave me a cross look. "No, I didn't eat it, why would you think that I did?"

I showed him the empty wrapper.

There was only one other option as to who could have eaten my treat, because it wasn't JP...


That rotten bratty stinkerpants cat ate my white-chocolate pumpkin spice treat, and then apparently she threw up somewhere in the house after eating it. She is definitely in time out, and I may have to take this out of her allowance.
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2013-05-29 10:18 pm
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(no subject)

Biscuit: Meow.



*pats my arm*


Me: What do you want, kitty?

JP: Food!

Biscuit: At least one of you morons understands.

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2013-05-28 10:58 am
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The story of the sparrow

My husband and I have a fairly pleasant back yard. It's not large, but it is very green, and we have many bird nests all around the property. There is a pair of robins, and possibly a pair of cardinals, and some house sparrows in the front and the back.

On Saturday, we spent a lot of time outside, because all JP wants to do these days is run around outdoors and whack his golf balls. We can't complain about this, because little children need fresh air, and it's better than watching Cars for the millionth time. To keep my son from wandering out into the busy intersection that's catty-corner to the house, we have an arched three-foot high ornamental fence blocking off the gaps in the trees and in our larger privacy fence (we can't fence the whole back yard because of multiple easements.)

I kept seeing something fluttering in the fence, but I didn't think a whole lot of it. My husband had been cleaning up the patio and releasing dry brown pin oak leaves, and they were blowing all over the back yard. Since we also have a feeder, we have birds perching here and there for short periods. But, later on, I looked out the back door at the fence and saw that the fluttering thing was still there. Hoping it was a leaf, I went over to look.

It wasn't a leaf. It was a partially-fledged baby bird, caught by the neck between two of the arches. if it had been bigger or heavier, it would have choked to death or broken its neck. I gently eased the little fellow out of the arch, and it was so tired it didn't even try to get away. Some of the small feathers on the leading edge of one wing had been stripped away, but it didn't appear hurt besides that. We brought it inside and put it in a shoebox, and my husband and I were very relieved to see it settle its wings properly. Once safe, it promptly put its head behind its wing and went to sleep.

My husband was great - he called around and found out what to do with the baby. We weren't even sure what species the bird was - I thought it might be a sparrow, but the bird expert my husband was talking to thought it might be a robin. Luckily for us, Biscuit was hiding upstairs, because JP was around (and naturally quite interested in our visitor.) We told him it was a little bird, like Peter's friend in Peter and the Wolf, and we had to help it. First we looked for the nest, but we couldn't find any accessible nests. JP was very concerned about the bird's mommy and daddy, but if you can't find the mommy and daddy, there's not much else you can do. We were then told that we could take our foundling to a wildlife rescue in Mercer County, and it wasn't too far away. We had to hustle, though, because it was about 3 PM and the place closed at 4.

We got in the car and made tracks to the Mercer County Wildlife Center, where we dropped off the little bird along with a donation. The ranger told us that we had found a baby sparrow that was about 3-4 days from leaving the nest, but its mother would have been continuing to feed it until then. The wind was so high that the bird rescues had been getting many instances of babies being blown from their nests. They told us to check back in a few days to find out how the sparrow was doing.

The wildlife rescue was very close to the cities of Lambertville and New Hope, so I said I wanted to go get ice cream at Gerenser's (caramel pecan praline, yum.) Then we dooted around for a while, JP got to see the locomotive at the New Hope and Ivyland train station, and we had dinner at Triumph. Really a lovely evening, and all thanks to our feathered friend.

Here is our foundling, in all its downy glory:


My MIL hates sparrows, they are greedy-guts at the feeder and messy to boot, but I'm happy we saved this little guy.
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2013-05-21 10:19 pm
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A tough choice

Biscuit says, "You can feed me now, or you can feed me later. I get to pick how much later."

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2013-05-13 05:07 pm
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One track mind

(It is nighttime. Everyone is settling in to sleep.)

Biscuit: *walks all over my face*

Me: What is it this time?

Biscuit: Where are the plants?

Me: Oh god.

Biscuit: The plants are gone. Where are the plants?

Me: I took them outside, you little pest.

Biscuit: Fix the plants. Where are the plants?

Me: *tries to hide*

Biscuit: Want plants. Bring the plants back. Fix it please.

Me: Do you want to go in the basement?

Biscuit: Plants.
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2012-08-15 10:54 am

Cutest. Blog. Ever.

Cosplaying Children


Look at Little!Korra! ("I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!) Baby Loki!

Mal Reynolds!

And the Totoro and his little tail! *dies*

Plus my brain just exploded from cute: Cutest Rose/10th Doctor cosplay

Geek parents are the best.
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2012-07-16 09:22 am
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Wake-up call

(Scene: 7 AM, Saturday morning. Husband, myself, and JP are all sound asleep.)

Biscuit: *POUNCE*

Me: *startles awake*

Biscuit: Flying kickapow!

Me: Stupid cat. *gets out of bed and goes through the OPEN bathroom door to run the water in the sink for Biscuit*

Biscuit: *ignores water, darts through the door to chew on the spider plant instead*

Me: ...Why did you need to wake me up to open a door that was already open?

Biscuit: It's 7 AM. I think you should be up.

Me: FML.
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2012-07-02 01:48 pm

Final Fantasy meets the Olympics

Trailer for the London 2012 Games

Dear the UK:

That trailer was a little scary. From Japan, I'd expect it, but you're not Japan. Next time, just show the Silly Olympics.

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2012-05-13 10:01 pm
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Useless creature

Something large and buzzy was bonking around my bedroom while Biscuit begged for drinkies from the faucet. I caught it in a tissue and showed it to Biscuit.

Me: *shows Biscuit the stink bug* If you weren't a useless cat, you would have caught this bug.

Biscuit: *purrs*
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2012-04-30 03:02 pm


Someone has to teach me how to use Tumblr, because that seems to be where all the fannish action is these days. IDG how it works. :(
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2012-04-16 03:21 pm

Tui and La

I went to the Shofuso this weekend, and guess who was in the koi pond?

Avatar koi!
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2012-03-24 10:25 pm

Hooray for Avatar State!

So I didn't get to see the Hunger Games this weekend. *sadface*

But I did see the premiere of Legend of Korra and it was awesomesauce! Kind of loving Tenzin a little bit - he's Sokka's nephew, whether he likes it or not. :D
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2012-03-15 01:05 pm


Arizona wades into contraception controversy

The Arizona Senate is considering a bill that would give all businesses the option to exclude contraceptives from health insurance coverage. The only exception is if a woman can prove she is taking the contraceptives for other medical reasons.

Supporters say such a law would protect the religious beliefs of employers, while critics assert the tradeoff would be an affront to the liberties of employees.
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2012-03-11 10:14 pm
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The Walking Dead

As my grandfather would say... it's a stinkin' mess.


Is Vegas taking odds on who's going to make it out of Season 2?
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2012-03-02 10:04 am
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Moar Daryl

Hey [ profile] xi_feng, our favorite Boondock Saint isn't going anywhere for Season 3 of the Walking Dead. *^_^*

'The Walking Dead' Season 3: Star Norman Reedus Teases Bloodshed, Massacre And New Arrivals

I'd be kind of okay if Lori got eaten, tbh.