Jan. 15th, 2010

Poor kitty

Jan. 15th, 2010 10:01 am
moonwise: (:<)
Every night, Biscuit wakes me up because she wants a snack. (She usually has food in her bowl, but she is too dumb to check her bowl out first.) Usually, after having her snack, she comes back to bed and snoozes with us until the alarm goes off. Sometimes, she doesn't want to go back to sleep - she wants to play with us. Many times when she's pesty at night, I'll find a toy on the bed the next morning that she's brought upstairs to keep herself entertained. Unfortunately, keeping herself entertained means keeping us up at an inappropriate hour, so we don't encourage her to play at 3 AM even though she is cute as buttons.

One of Biscuit's favorite toys is a kitty fishing pole with a feather on the end. We had played chase last night, and then husband hung the pole up where she couldn't get it. (Or so we thought.) I had gone back to bed after a snack run when I heard "BONK, BA-BONK, WHACK, BONK BONK BONK" coming up the stairs. Biscuit had managed to pull her toy off the wall and was bringing it upstairs to us so we could play chase some more.

It broke my heart into pieces to bring the fishing pole back downstairs and hang it up where Biscuit really couldn't reach it, and then shut the kitty door so that she had to stay in the basement (once she gets going, she won't settle down again.) We can't let her think that we're going to play with her at night, or we'll never get any sleep. But wow if it isn't hard to say no!


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